3.『moenca』Feather Pillow(羽根枕)

3.『moenca』Feather Pillow(羽根枕)

通常価格 ¥16,000 ¥0 単価 あたり


fire retardant⇒Flame retardant products


moencaFeather Pillow(羽根枕)

43 × 63cm¥6,600(Tax-included)+ export postage×Exchanging it to the US dollar=Payment amount of money
43 x 75cm¥7,300(Tax-included)+ export postage×Exchanging it to the US dollar=Payment amount of money


moencaFeather Pillow(羽根枕)


It is the pillow which put Smalll Feather in the incombustible side cloth. As middle cloth, I use the cloth for the feather of the polyester.


You attach a detergent, and please drain the washing with a dirt with tepid water. Please dry it in the shade.                                 As it is a flame-proof product, it is available for reliable security. Because it is not a flame-proof artefact, there is not the worry of dermatopathy characteristics and the carcinogen. The flame-proof performance is unchangeable even if I wash it.


Flameproof cotton mixed sheet fabric envelope type

  • quality
    Use cloth;Acrylic 30%, cotton 70%,
    padding;Polyester cotton 0.6 kg/ Polyester cotton 0.7 kg

43 × 63
43 x 75



難燃性側生地に羽根を入れた枕です。 中生地として、ポリエステルの羽毛用生地を使用しています。  

洗濯は、洗剤を付けぬるま湯で汚れと共に流して下さい。陰干しして下さい。                                 防炎製品なので、安心安全にご使用いただけます。防炎加工品でない為、皮膚障害性や発がん性物質のご心配はございません。洗濯しても、防炎性能は不変です。